Investment Committee

Not sure what an Investment Committee is?

  • What Is an Investment Committee?

    An Investment Committee is a network of experienced professionals designed to enrich our capabilities to manage your investments. We invite people from the outside to examine and challenge our thinking so we can do a better and honest job of navigating your investments to help you live life with purpose.

  • How Does the Investment Committee Help My Investments?

    The Investment Committee fortifies our investment process with an extra layer of oversight and a new source of ideas. Oversight looks not only at how your investments are doing, but also issues such as:
    – Is our investment philosophy sound?
    – Do we practice what we preach?
    – What risks are we monitoring? What other risks should we worry about?
    – What opportunities exist that we might need to explore?

  • What Does Each of the Players on the Investment Committee Bring to the Table?

    Petr is the wealth advisor. He has extensive experience and passion for working with clients like you. His role is to make sure that our discussion and findings practically contribute toward helping you to live life with purpose.

    Stuart brings a disciplined perspective honed over 3 decades as a global asset allocator. He managed and researched mutual funds in the US, Europe, and Emerging Markets. His previous role involved asset allocation and manager research for clients ranging from thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Bob Finch is a veteran institutional money manager with over 40 years of investing experience. He has run pension and mutual funds invested in US large cap companies. His major contribution is giving us history lessons and what might apply (or does not apply) to today.

    Ryan Halley, PhD is the practical professor. His experience spans both the corporate and academic sectors. He has a specific passion for educating laypeople on how investments should be working for them. In fact, Ryan had worked for several years for J.P. Morgan developing a financial literacy program for branches throughout the country. Ryan’s blend of perspectives will help us better connect your investments to your needs and educating you about these developments.