Discipline Helps Your Investments, Not Emotional Seesawing

Are you a wise farmer, or in reality a screen junkie?

Most agree discipline is necessary for successful investing.

Which picture describes how you should invest?

Which picture describes how you actually invest?

Wise farmer taking care of his crops


At Ambassador Wealth, we strive to employ the skill and discipline of a wise farmer to help you navigate your life with purpose.

How?  Let’s look at 3 ways:

  1. The Discipline of Planning: Before they take any action, wise farmers do their homework.

    They consider what they hope to accomplish with their land.  What could they dream about?  What is more likely to happen?  How long can they wait for the harvest?  Are they prepared to weather out drought as well as good rain? Wise farmers also examine what seed they might need to generate the results they desire.  They need good tools and help from others to make their land work for them.  In other words, discipline in thinking about the future.

    Your Family Barometer is a key part of how we work with clients like you to build a strategic plan.  Understanding your family’s unique circumstances, including goals, dreams, and concerns, as well as incorporating relevant experience in other situations can help us work together to formulate a measurable, realistic, and achievable plan.  We will tell you what we believe is possible – and what is not, as well as the risks and ideas for how we can help you in different scenarios.  Your Family Barometer is a key tool for empowering you with discipline.

  2. The Discipline of Commitment: Strategic thinking can save you from a reckless emotional reaction.

    Wise farmers stick to the tough work of farming even in adversity.  They keep on sowing and cultivating their crop to prepare for the eventual harvest of their hard work and planning.  They do not join their more emotional, less informed neighbors to panic out of their investment.  Instead, wise farmers stick to their crop and earn yields when others gave up long ago. Cocktail parties and the wisdom of the crowds do not sway the wise farmers from their course of action.  They stick with their discipline.

    At Ambassador, we support clients like you through constant monitoring of developments in markets and various investments.  We take a strategic approach to understand your relationship and how your investments fit into your overall Family Barometer.  However, we will also make tactical adjustments to your portfolio either when we find new investment opportunities or see the need to take down risk to stay current with the risks and objectives reflected in your Family Barometer.

  3. The Discipline of Adapting: Wise farmers anticipate secular changes and make deliberate, appropriate adjustments.

    They do not react to temporary seasons on the flip of a coin. Rather, wise farmers periodically evaluate their strategy, seeks out prudent consultation, and makes adjustments when circumstances have truly changed. We recognize that your Family Barometer and how your investments relate to it is not a static measure.  Your circumstances change in life: age, health, inheritance, marriage/family, etc.  Discipline means adapting to change.

    By monitoring your Barometer and staying in touch with you, we make sure that your Family Barometer incorporates any significant changes to your family’s situation.  We reflect those changes in how your investments are managed. We make appropriate adjustments with your input so you can navigate your life with purpose.


Who do you want to be: a screen junkie or the wise farmer?

Help us to help your family prepare to become wise farmers with discipline.


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