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The search for reliable advice brings many people to the doors of Ambassador Wealth Management. But, what truly cements their relationship as our clients, friends, and partners is our passion for holistic planning at every age and in every stage. From just starting out to starting your second act, we look forward to creating a financial map that is mindful of who you are and eagerly anticipates who you will become.

Executives, Doctors, and Business Owners

Fast-paced, active careers have the tendency to pull your focus away from your long-term financial wellbeing. Ensuring you don’t neglect your nest egg, we deliver organized, timely planning for your professional and personal needs.

High Net-Worth Clients

Clients with significant means have surpassed the typical worries of financial security, but are now faced with concerns about how to maintain their sizable wealth. Both a former accountant and a current advisor, Petr can discover tax efficiencies that improve a client’s position and supply financial, succession, and generational planning.

Individuals Nearing Retirement

As you approach the end of your career, we can help you find tools and solutions that will generate income while simultaneously maximizing Social Security benefits and minimizing the negative effects of taxes.

Individuals Already in Retirement

Your lifetime of hard work should transition smoothly into worry-free golden years. We aim to sustain your lifestyle, reduce potential burdens on family members, institute a plan for your legacy, and, most importantly, make it possible for you to thrive in the freedom of retirement.

Couples and Families

In the midst of evolving marriages and child rearing, time passes by in the blink of an eye. That’s why we make every effort to prepare for the next phase of your family’s development, matching you with services such as risk management and educational planning that put you ahead before you fall behind.

Young Professionals

Whether you’re securing your first post-college job or purchasing your first home, it’s exciting when you begin to forge your own way. Our team is here to be a sounding board as you start out, showing you ways to manage your income, accumulate assets, and save for a rainy day.

Corporate Accounts

Business growth is a blessing that comes with a few unexpected hurdles. Ambassador Wealth Management gives you a framework for scaling your company, from setting up defined contribution or benefit plans to overseeing corporate cash management accounts.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are often so busy caring for others they lack the time and resources to dedicate to financial matters. We are pleased to step in to manage non-profit accounts and coordinate with investment committees, ultimately allowing you and your staff to concentrate on the meaningful work you do.

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