We Are Driven By Our Values

Our values don't just define who we are, they help us lead our clients to success.


Each of our clients have a unique story. We are honored to participate in their financial journey.


We are experienced professionals, but we never stop learning. We challenge ourselves and each other to find and fulfill our unique role.


We are transparent with how we conduct our business. Integrity and acting in your best interest are our highest priorities.

Strategic Thinking

We are financial fanatics who love the battle just as much as the victory. We are unstoppable on our mission to help our clients achieve their dreams.


We do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it.


We look to the past for lessons, to the future for trends, but act in the now. We look at issues from alternative perspectives fostering a culture of curiosity and diverse ideas.

Our Firm Reflects Our Values

The development of our firm.

Founded in 2009 in Vancouver, WA, Petr started out on his mission to help people live their lives with purpose. As the firm grew, his vision began to take shape and was solidified. He dedicated himself to building deep relationships with his clients in order to help them achieve their goals. Our team consistently strives to achieve this mission and hire only those who exhibit the same values of Ambassador Wealth Management.

We are not just a group of experienced and talented professionals, we are also a team of passionate, genuine fighters who challenge ourselves every day. Since 2016, Ambassador Wealth Management doubled in staff to better serve our Ambassador family.  

The term Ambassador is Latin in roots and directly translates as “servant.” Later on, the term was used to describe a representative who had been appointed to act on behalf of a group of people.

Petr’s vision and passion are to act as an Ambassador for all of his clients. He takes on the fiduciary role every day and has each one of their best interests at heart. Our name, Ambassador Wealth Management, is rooted in the knowledge that once you choose our team, we are tasked with the responsibilities of interpreter, messenger, and ally. 

Our Philosophy


Building Relationships to Help You Navigate Life with Purpose.

A meaningful life is not measured in the salary you earn or the years you spend walking this earth. Instead, a meaningful life consists of simple moments that take your breath away and people whose lives you touch.

Our vision is to equip you with qualified and experienced counsel. We want to help you navigate your life with purpose. We seek to empower you to realize your aspirations. 

Ambassador Wealth’s passion is to help you to maximize your financial health. We strive to see you attain true wealth that satisfies your heart in ways beyond just holding a large bank account.

Our 3 Roles

Your Advisor

The most rewarding moments are when our clients call to share about a milestone or to ask advice on a detail – big or small. We relish these everyday connections because they reinforce a close partnership in planning. Your trust is our motivation to act with integrity and objectivity on your behalf. It’s the driving force for our continued education in specialties that may benefit you and other clients.

Your Ambassador

When selecting a name for our firm, we set out to capture the immense privilege of being appointed your financial representative. Our name – Ambassador Wealth Management – is rooted in the knowledge that once you choose our team, we are tasked with the responsibilities of interpreter, messenger, and ally. We rise to the challenge of meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Your Advocate

We will greet you with a relaxed environment and a courteous welcome. These seemingly minor gestures reflect our conscientiousness in cultivating a relationshipA professional team environment where you feel appreciated is also a place where you’ll feel comfortable expressing your goals and ambitions, empowering us to support you in all that you plan for today and tomorrow.

In Our Community


Our commitment to service extends beyond the office and into our community. Petr actively participates and donates to various non-profit organizations and foundations throughout Vancouver, Washington.

Service is engrained into our firm’s culture and it inspires the work we do for our clients, as we strive to make a difference in people’s lives.


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