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  • Nov 2 2022
    man hiding behind blinds
    What Are You Hiding From?

    The last 12 months have been volatile, mostly on the downside. During these times most people are looking for safety, which begs the question: what is safe?

  • Oct 26 2022
    Client Newsletter 4Q22

    2022 has been a momentous year! It reminded us that investments do not just travel in one upward direction. Here's how we see things near and longer term...

  • Oct 5 2022
    What If $1,000,000 Is Not Enough?

    So, you saved $1,000,000 for retirement for “good measure”. But what if it’s not enough? Here’s where most people go wrong...

  • Sep 6 2022
    Investment Update: September 2022

    It's time for an investment update. This short blog will tell you a little about how your “diversified” investment bucket might help your portfolio.

  • Sep 1 2022
    Boy Holding Silver Harness
    Is Anything Safe?

    Nothing in this life is absolutely safe. Fear can push many people into making emotional decisions that might cost your family dearly...

  • Aug 1 2022
    women giving a presentation
    What Should Your Financial Advisor Be Doing in a Volatile Market?

    Working with the wrong advisor can be costly. You need an advisor who will fight for you and your future. My team is ready and happy to help!

  • Jul 19 2022
    Client Newsletter 3Q22

    In April , I shared my thoughts and predictions that 2022 would be a difficult year. Let’s jump in and see what’s changed since the second quarter...

  • Jul 1 2022
    Should I Wait Out Uncertainties in The Market and Start Planning When Things Settle Back Down?

    Today’s challenges include rising taxes, inflation, interest rates, and market volatility. It is understandable to be nervous about the future...

  • Jun 2 2022
    My Grocery Bill Keeps Going Up. Any Suggestions?

    Planting a garden can improve your health, provide rewarding work, and might even lower your grocery bill. Still not convinced? Let's dig deeper...