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  • Jan 31 2024
    Client Newsletter 1Q24

    As we step into this new year, read our insights and practical advice on market movements, risk evaluation, and defensive portfolio strategies...

  • Oct 11 2023
    Client Newsletter 4Q23

    As we wrap up 2023, let's dive into investment insights, compound market returns, and learn how to safeguard yourself from sneaky cyber threats...

  • Jul 25 2023
    Client Newsletter 3Q23

    Here's a brief market update and some important information to know about the TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab merger taking place later this summer...

  • May 2 2023
    Client Newsletter 2Q23

    While we saw some recovery in early 2023, I do not believe the risk of a recession is gone and the second half of 2023 will likely be very difficult...

  • Jan 27 2023
    Client Newsletter 1Q23

    Let’s dive right in and look at the first quarter of 2023. Our strategy is defensive, but your strategy should be emotional clarity...

  • Dec 8 2022
    When Should You Fire Your Advisor (Or Yourself)?

    Can you still trust the professionals who are managing your money?  Ask them these tough questions; your retirement might depend on it...

  • Nov 2 2022
    man hiding behind blinds
    What Are You Hiding From?

    The last 12 months have been volatile, mostly on the downside. During these times most people are looking for safety, which begs the question: what is safe?

  • Oct 26 2022
    Client Newsletter 4Q22

    2022 has been a momentous year! It reminded us that investments do not just travel in one upward direction. Here's how we see things near and longer term...

  • Oct 5 2022
    What If $1,000,000 Is Not Enough?

    So, you saved $1,000,000 for retirement for “good measure”. But what if it’s not enough? Here’s where most people go wrong...