Client Newsletter 2Q24

Dear Ambassador Family, As the vibrant spirit of spring blooms around us, we’re thrilled to reconnect with you in this quarter’s newsletter! Investment Update: Enhancing Your Diversification Just because the S&P 500 is close to all-time highs does not mean everything else is. We remain concerned about inflation, interest rates, and market valuations. To be  Read more ➝


Investment Update: September 2022

AWM has diversified your investments beyond just traditional stocks and bonds. Introduction to the newest strategy in your portfolio (it’s not fixed income) Opportunities for other positions in your “diversified” sleeve “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”  2022 has been a good illustration of this saying for investors.  Both stocks and bonds declined.  Read more ➝


Investment Update: May 2022

Dear Ambassador Family, Here’s A Brief Update on Your Investments: As recently mentioned in the quarterly newsletters in January and April, your portfolios entered the new year with a moderately cautious stance. We still maintain that same view. Monitoring economic and corporate earnings data thus far reported it is possible that the choppy volatility in  Read more ➝


Investment Update: February 2022

Given the recent market volatility, I want to update you on how we are managing your portfolios. We are reviewing each account and making any necessary adjustments to reflect your personal investment strategies. Update on Your Investments As recently mentioned in the quarterly newsletter in January, your investments entered the new year with a moderately  Read more ➝