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How Can I Give More to My Loved Ones and Less to the IRS?

“It’s the holiday season! How can I give more to my loved ones and give less to the IRS?” I could not agree more! Let’s learn from 2 of my friends (hypothetical Mike and Donna). These examples apply to people who are still working and those already enjoying retirement. Solutions for High-Income Earners Donna is  Read more ➝

11 Retirement Planning Strategies to Jumpstart 2019

1.    Up Your Retirement Contributions The start of a new year is the perfect time to set new goals and save more. In 2019, you can contribute more than ever into your retirement accounts. Total contributions increased by $500, now totaling $19,000. If you are expecting a raise, bonus, or are able to sock away  Read more ➝


10 Things You Need to Know About the Required Beginning Date (RBDs) for IRAs

If you have an IRA, you’ve probably heard the term “required beginning date” or “RBD” many times. Everyone who owns an individual retirement account should know and fully understand this date. It’s also important for all listed beneficiaries of an IRA to know this term. Walking my clients through this process helped me to narrow  Read more ➝

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Retirement Planning Strategies: 7 Year-End Mistakes to Avoid

As we approach the end of 2018, advisors of all disciplines have the special opportunity to remind clients of their value by showing that they understand their client’s personal situation. This is especially true for retirement and tax planning strategists. It’s easy for clients to feel lost, make poor decisions, and suffer major consequences if  Read more ➝