Direct Transfers vs. 60-Day Rollovers – Which is Better?

At some point in your life, you may want to transfer money from a retirement plan to an IRA. There are two well-known ways of doing this: a direct transfer or a 60-day rollover. Chances are, your advisor will suggest a direct transfer. It’s the simplest way to move funds between two accounts.  However, if  Read more ➝

Reminder: Contributing to Your IRA by April 15 Could Lower Your 2018 Tax Bill

Would you like to potentially lower your tax bill? Contribute to your IRA by April 15th for a potentially lower tax bill before you file your tax return. The contribution limit for IRAs (both traditional and Roth) for 2018 is $5,500 for any working individual under the age of 50. Those over the age of  Read more ➝

Not All Investment Income Is Created Equal Because of Taxes: Case Studies

Earlier, we discussed how the 3 types of investment income can have a big impact on your taxes. Your knowledge or ignorance of these issues can have a major effect on your standard of living.  How? Let us take a look. Why the real income you make comes after taxes come out Taxes are a  Read more ➝