What Should I Include in My New Year’s Resolution?

Happy New Year! We made it. Happy New Year! I hope you made some wonderful memories in 2021. The beginning of the year is a prime time to focus on understanding your money. Are you ready to set some new financial resolutions? I encourage all of my clients to design a personalized, comprehensive Financial Plan  Read more ➝


How to Teach Your Kids About Money This Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to help your kids channel their creativity, enjoy a sweet treat or two, and learn some valuable life lessons about money management. These lessons can span from savings to being charitable, or even understanding market value. I always encourage my clients to engage their kids and grandkids in age-appropriate dialogue  Read more ➝


Don’t Wait to Start Your Year-End Financial Planning

August tends to be “nap-time” for most Americans. Work at the office might not be as busy, families are slowly making their way home from vacations, and kids are getting ready to head back to school. This makes August a stellar time to work on your finances. My advice? Don’t put it off until December.  Read more ➝


Client Newsletter 1Q21

Dear Ambassador Family, I hope you enjoyed a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Our office is looking forward to what this new year will bring. Quick Recap of 2020 A quick glance at your December statement might give you the impression that 2020 was smooth sailing. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Do  Read more ➝


How can I develop financial discipline in my life?

“Don’t skip leg day!” We all know that one guy at the gym… He stands in front of the mirror and curls the biggest dumbbells, but never works out anything else. Picture his average-sized calves struggling to carry his ginormous biceps out the door. It’s pretty obvious that he’s not following a balanced workout routine.  Read more ➝

jar of coins tipped over

How can I make meaningful resolutions that will help my family?

The holidays are over and Donna has yet to announce her “new year, new me” resolutions. Donna wants more than a good workout routine for her family; she wants to make sure they are financially secure. Can you relate? It’s not easy to make financial resolutions, but with the right plan, Donna (and you) can  Read more ➝