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10 Things to Know About Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs)

For anyone wanting to make qualified charitable distributions (QCD) and save on taxes for 2019, this is the time to start planning. If you are already taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) from your IRA account(s) and/or are making charitable donations, QCD is something you should strongly consider. With the new tax law changes that went  Read more ➝

4 of the Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes

The most common estate planning mistakes typically fall into one of four categories. While each estate plan consists of its own features and unique instructions, the same errors tend to occur regardless of their differences. Do your family and heirs a favor, learn about the most common pitfalls and make sure your affairs are in  Read more ➝

Do You Really Know What You Are Paying Your Advisor?

Even many price-savvy shoppers miss the boat when it comes to understanding the cost of their investments. There is a major difference between price, cost, and value.  This blog will focus on price vs. cost. There is a big difference between “price” and “cost”.  “Price” is just advertising – it is only a part of  Read more ➝

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One Way a Competent Financial Advisor Can Bring You Value

Sometimes clients ask of their financial advisor: “Why do I need to pay these fees?” We’re glad you asked.  You should know what the value of a trusted financial advisor should be. Picture this: It’s 1996 and you have $100,000 to invest. You’re smart, you don’t touch the money for 20 years (including 2 bear  Read more ➝

Stop Emotion from Shortchanging Your Investments

So how can constant screen gazing ruin your financial well-being?  Simply put, screen junkies let their emotions ruin their money and their lives: Sloppiness Screen junkies live by “analysis by paralysis”. They might think they know it all, but they cannot make a strategic decision for a holistic plan with their current and future wealth.   Read more ➝

At a crossroads: which is better: to retire with zero debt or a million bucks?

Which Is Better For Retirement: Zero Debt or a Million Bucks?

How You Frame the Question Makes a Difference Recently, one of our clients asked me an interesting question.“Would it be better for me to retire with no debt or to have a million dollars in my bank account?” Our client offered some interesting reasoning as to why the question was framed that way. As I  Read more ➝

Discipline Helps Your Investments, Not Emotional Seesawing

Are you a wise farmer, or in reality a screen junkie? Most agree discipline is necessary for successful investing. Which picture describes how you should invest? Which picture describes how you actually invest?   At Ambassador Wealth, we strive to employ the skill and discipline of a wise farmer to help you navigate your life with purpose. How?  Let’s  Read more ➝