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How to Plan a Family Vacation without Hurting Your Retirement

Family vacations are probably one of the largest impulse purchases you can make. Vacations can cost more than expected, especially if you have a large family or an exotic destination in mind. Several of my clients love to treat their entire extended families to a variety of family trips. Some of my best memories are  Read more ➝

Help! I’m being forced into early retirement.

Unfortunately, forced early retirement is more common than you might think. This is especially true in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic leaving many Americans unemployed or uncertain about their job security.   What is early retirement? Some people choose to retire early because they can afford it. Others might not have a choice. In 2020  Read more ➝

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Why Do So Many People Fail in Retirement?

I find that this is one of the most common conversations I have with potential clients. Unfortunately, one in three families will not have enough money to maintain their lifestyle throughout retirement. Through these conversations, I’ve been able to narrow down three major pitfalls that many savers make before retirement.   They have no plan.  Read more ➝

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75 Retirement Tips from Petr Burunov

Ambassador Wealth representatives speak with our clients about their investment goals and retirement planning objectives on a daily basis. Each of our clients has a unique story and a diverse lifestyle—some are experts in their field, business owners, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs. Despite their individuality, they seek out our help for the same common need—to  Read more ➝


Don’t Get Stuck in the Honeymoon Phase of Retirement

You have worked your whole life to save for retirement. You anticipate having freedom and time to do whatever you want. However, many people struggle with the transition into retirement.   What is the Honeymoon Phase of Retirement? According to Dr. Joseph Coughlin, there are four phases of retirement. The first being the honeymoon phase.  Read more ➝

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Ladies, Would You Like to Have an Extra $100k in Retirement?

Why You Should Care about More Money in Retirement Money might not buy you happiness.  However, money can make happiness last longer. According to researchers led by Dr. Raj Chetty of Stanford University [source], the more wealth you have, the longer you are expected to live.[1]  Possible reasons why wealthy people might live longer include:  Read more ➝