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  • Jul 25 2023
    Client Newsletter 3Q23

    Here's a brief market update and some important information to know about the TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab merger taking place later this summer...

  • May 2 2023
    Client Newsletter 2Q23

    While we saw some recovery in early 2023, I do not believe the risk of a recession is gone and the second half of 2023 will likely be very difficult...

  • Jan 27 2023
    Client Newsletter 1Q23

    Let’s dive right in and look at the first quarter of 2023. Our strategy is defensive, but your strategy should be emotional clarity...

  • Oct 26 2022
    Client Newsletter 4Q22

    2022 has been a momentous year! It reminded us that investments do not just travel in one upward direction. Here's how we see things near and longer term...

  • Jul 19 2022
    Client Newsletter 3Q22

    In April , I shared my thoughts and predictions that 2022 would be a difficult year. Let’s jump in and see what’s changed since the second quarter...

  • Apr 13 2022
    Client Newsletter 2Q22

    Happy Spring! In our 2Q22 Newsletter, we discuss 2022, ways you can protect your family in inflationary times, our latest investment, and upcoming changes..

  • Jan 27 2022
    Client Newsletter 1Q22

    2021 was another good year in the markets, but 2022 might be different. Here is our outlook for the year and a few changes you might want to know about...

  • Oct 21 2021
    Client Newsletter 4Q21

    We're headed into the 4th quarter...Let's look at new investment strategies, address inflation, and speculate what’s to come after the holiday season...

  • Jul 26 2021
    Client Newsletter 3Q21

    A lot has changed since my last newsletter. Let’s jump into an investment update, an economic bubble, and some talk about taxes...