Financial Planning

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  • Dec 8 2022
    When Should You Fire Your Advisor (Or Yourself)?

    Can you still trust the professionals who are managing your money?  Ask them these tough questions; your retirement might depend on it...

  • Nov 2 2022
    man hiding behind blinds
    What Are You Hiding From?

    The last 12 months have been volatile, mostly on the downside. During these times most people are looking for safety, which begs the question: what is safe?

  • Oct 5 2022
    What If $1,000,000 Is Not Enough?

    So, you saved $1,000,000 for retirement for “good measure”. But what if it’s not enough? Here’s where most people go wrong...

  • Sep 1 2022
    Boy Holding Silver Harness
    Is Anything Safe?

    Nothing in this life is absolutely safe. Fear can push many people into making emotional decisions that might cost your family dearly...

  • Jul 1 2022
    Should I Wait Out Uncertainties in The Market and Start Planning When Things Settle Back Down?

    Today’s challenges include rising taxes, inflation, interest rates, and market volatility. It is understandable to be nervous about the future...

  • Jan 3 2022
    What Should I Include in My New Year’s Resolution?

    Happy New Year! Are you ready to set some new financial resolutions for 2022? Before you get started, here are a few tips to get you started...

  • Aug 4 2021
    Don’t Wait to Start Your Year-End Financial Planning

    August tends to be “nap-time” for most Americans. This makes it a stellar time to work on your finances. My advice? Don’t put it off until December...

  • Jun 2 2021
    What’s the Secret to Investing?

    True investing success boils down to hard work and patience, or what I like to call discipline. Let’s take a look at three types of discipline...

  • May 3 2021
    When Is It Time to Downsize?

    Talks of downsizing your home can be a difficult and dreaded conversation. It’s difficult to pull the trigger, so let's talk it through...