When Should You Fire Your Advisor (Or Yourself)?

It’s time to have that awkward conversation. Your retirement might depend on it. 2022 has been a rough year.  2023 might not be much better. You cannot control what the market gives. But there is one important decision you have control over. Can you still trust the professionals who are managing your money?  Ask them  Read more ➝

What to Look For In a Financial Advisor

When you’re looking for a financial advisor, you might find that this industry is constantly changing. Robo-advisors are becoming a more popular choice for tech-savvy investors. Something to keep in mind, however, is that these bots are strictly mathematical. If you are looking for a relationship with your advisors, these robots won’t make the cut.  Read more ➝

two clients sitting with and talking about finances with their advisor

Simple Checklist for Choosing to Work with a Fiduciary Advisor or a Suitable Salesperson

We work with our clients as a trusted fiduciary advisor. Who are the clients we work with best?  Below we provide 2 sets of descriptions of clients who might work well with us – along with those that might be better served elsewhere. Choose a Trusted Fiduciary Advisor if you care about these issues: You  Read more ➝

one care next to the same remodeled version

Value Vs. Price: The Difference Between Celebrating Your Anniversary at McDonald’s Vs. Morton’s

Should you be price-conscious or value-aware? It depends. When it comes to things where quality and depth of service do not matter, one might focus exclusively on price.  For example, consider health care.  If all you need is a bandage for a minor cut, then you might simply want to buy the cheapest generic bandages  Read more ➝