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Is Anything Safe?

Nothing in this life is absolutely safe.  Even getting out of bed involves taking risks.

Fear can push many people into making emotional decisions that might cost your family dearly.

Many people in vain seek safety in bank accounts, insurance annuities, or cash “under the mattress?”

In guarding against one type of risk, they assume other types of risk.

  1. Inflation Pressures Your Standard of Living

Most of us know what’s happened with the price of gas.  And food.  Travel.  Real estate.  Taxes….

Prices are going up.  The latest official government numbers in July of 2022 show consumer prices rose over 9% from a year ago, the worst in 41 years.[i]  Food rose over 10% and energy over 40%.

Sitting on “safe” investments still reduces your wealth.  Your money flows out more quickly to maintain your standard of living.

  1. Locking in Low Rates of Prospective Return If the World Gets Better

Current rates on 5-year bank CDs are still less than 1%.[ii]  Fixed annuities pay slightly over 4% for a 5-year term (but beware of hidden charges, surrender penalties, and lockups).[iii]   Cash in the wallet or mattress earns you about zero.

Ignoring stocks, real estate, and other investments might cost you opportunity as they have produced stronger returns over longer time periods.

People who work with us benefit from our insights on the right mix of assets to seek to protect and grow their wealth.

  1. “Hotel California”

Have you read the fine print on “safe” investments such as annuities and CDs?

It’s easy enough to “check-in” and invest in an annuity.  However, if and when you want to take money out, you might find it’s a lot more difficult (and more costly) than you realized.

Surrender charges, stated values versus what you actually get, and pushy insurance people can complicate your access to your money – and how much you might pay to get it out.

So, what should you do instead?

Find a rational, compassionate advisor who will know your family and work for your best interest.

Don’t get on the emotional roller-coaster, otherwise, you will sell at the bottom and buy at the top.

All that glitters is not gold.  Neither is all that advertises “safety”.

I would be more than happy to guide your family in thinking through these issues logically.


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