Client Newsletter 1Q21

Dear Ambassador Family, I hope you enjoyed a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Our office is looking forward to what this new year will bring. Quick Recap of 2020 A quick glance at your December statement might give you the impression that 2020 was smooth sailing. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Do  Read more ➝


Separating Emotions from Investing is Key to Surviving Coronavirus.

These last few weeks have been a roller coaster. We have been talking to you about what we’re doing and what you can do in this time of uncertainty. We’re encouraging everyone: don’t let fear rule your finances. Many of you have developed a financial plan to achieve successful retirements and we’re very thankful that  Read more ➝


Stop Emotion from Shortchanging Your Investments

So how can constant screen gazing ruin your financial well-being?  Simply put, screen junkies let their emotions ruin their money and their lives: Sloppiness Screen junkies live by “analysis by paralysis”. They might think they know it all, but they cannot make a strategic decision for a holistic plan with their current and future wealth.   Read more ➝


Discipline Helps Your Investments, Not Emotional Seesawing

Are you a wise farmer, or in reality a screen junkie? Most agree discipline is necessary for successful investing. Which picture describes how you should invest? Which picture describes how you actually invest?   At Ambassador Wealth, we strive to employ the skill and discipline of a wise farmer to help you navigate your life with purpose. How?  Let’s  Read more ➝