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Investment Newsletter 2Q19

An Update on Our View of the World   After one of the worst quarters in a couple of years, risk assets recovered strongly in 1q19.  Stocks, commodities, and bonds, for the most part, posted positive gains.  Possible reasons include: Continued strong corporate profits especially in the US Economic growth in US still positive though weaker  Read more ➝


Not All Income Is Equal Because of Taxes: 3 Types of Income

The Declaration of Independence declares that all people are created equal. That is not true about income coming from investments. Many of your neighbors forget this fact to their detriment. One of the major problems people often do not understand is taxes. You can reduce different types of income with different levels of taxation. Be  Read more ➝

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One Way a Competent Financial Advisor Can Bring You Value

Sometimes clients ask of their financial advisor: “Why do I need to pay these fees?” We’re glad you asked.  You should know what the value of a trusted financial advisor should be. Picture this: It’s 1996 and you have $100,000 to invest. You’re smart, you don’t touch the money for 20 years (including 2 bear  Read more ➝


Discipline Helps Your Investments, Not Emotional Seesawing

Are you a wise farmer, or in reality a screen junkie? Most agree discipline is necessary for successful investing. Which picture describes how you should invest? Which picture describes how you actually invest?   At Ambassador Wealth, we strive to employ the skill and discipline of a wise farmer to help you navigate your life with purpose. How?  Let’s  Read more ➝