Investment Update: May 2022

Dear Ambassador Family, Here’s A Brief Update on Your Investments: As recently mentioned in the quarterly newsletters in January and April, your portfolios entered the new year with a moderately cautious stance. We still maintain that same view. Monitoring economic and corporate earnings data thus far reported it is possible that the choppy volatility in  Read more ➝

Investment Update: February 2022

Given the recent market volatility, I want to update you on how we are managing your portfolios. We are reviewing each account and making any necessary adjustments to reflect your personal investment strategies. Update on Your Investments As recently mentioned in the quarterly newsletter in January, your investments entered the new year with a moderately  Read more ➝


Separating Emotions from Investing is Key to Surviving Coronavirus.

These last few weeks have been a roller coaster. We have been talking to you about what we’re doing and what you can do in this time of uncertainty. We’re encouraging everyone: don’t let fear rule your finances. Many of you have developed a financial plan to achieve successful retirements and we’re very thankful that  Read more ➝

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Investment Update: Did the Market Just Catch a Cold, or Is It Terminally Ill?

The Coronavirus has impacted many communities and economies around the world, not just in countries where the disease is found. I’d like to share our perspective on a few hopeful trends and warning signs we are diligently watching. First and foremost, we hope for good health and wellness for you and your families.   Our  Read more ➝

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Investment Update: February 2020 

Due to recent market volatility, I wanted to give you a quick update on how we are reducing risk exposures while staying the course on your unique needs and goals. We are reviewing every account and making necessary adjustments to reflect your individual investment strategies. Here is a brief overview: Since January, we have grown  Read more ➝


Client Newsletter 1Q20

Dear Ambassador Family, I hope you enjoyed a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! In 2019, I saw great success stories in our client’s lives. I want to congratulate those who invested in themselves to confidently walk into the next chapter of their lives. We have families who: Retired successfully Paid off their debts  Read more ➝