My Grocery Bill Keeps Going Up. Any Suggestions?

Have you ever considered starting a garden?

You may be surprised to learn that you can plant a garden on as little as one-fourth of an acre that supplies a good portion of your family’s needs.

For those without any land or living in an apartment, consider microgreen kits or tower gardens. With the right lighting, you can even grow produce in a garage.

Still not convinced to start planting? Here are 3 benefits of having a garden.

Benefit 1: Better Health

Produce at the supermarket generally contains preservatives or other protections that allow for longer shelf life. Often, it comes from far distances out of state.

The downside is that produce at the store loses nutrients that could otherwise be protected if it were sourced closer to home.

Additionally, you have no control over the use of pesticides or GMO crops.

In contrast, growing your own produce gives you more control. Your food will contain all the naturally occurring nutrients. Some people even like the taste of their own home-grown fruits and vegetables better.

Outside gardens might also provide other health benefits such as exercise, sunshine, and fresh air.

Benefit 2: A New Hobby

Caring for a garden involves work, but it can be rewarding for many people.

  • Choosing which seeds and coupling them with the right soil, fertilizer, time to sow, and time to harvest can be a satisfying challenge.
  • Watching small seeds sprout into full-grown plants.
  • Harvesting fruit or vegetables for your dinner table (or to share with your neighbor).
  • Try a variety of veggies in your salad or outright new recipes.
  • Growing herbs that can help soothe pain or lighten up your mood.

Gardening can grow on you as a new hobby.

Benefit 3: Your Home Garden Might Lower Your Grocery Bill

Of course, this was the main reason for your question. While the savings at first might not seem like much, consider that as you grow out your garden, you also pay less at the supermarket. Also, if you grow your own supply of your favorite vegetables, you have less to worry about in seasons of supply chain shortages.

There can be many benefits of growing a garden beyond lowering your grocery bill.

Do some research. Talk to friends and neighbors who are expert gardeners. Visit a nursery or garden store and maybe even take classes on gardening. Start small and expand your horizons as you get more comfortable. Enjoy and share the fruits of your home garden.

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