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  • Nov 16 2018
    person using a calculator to determine tax and charitable giving allocation
    Gifting Remains a Viable Strategy to Limit Taxes

    Charitable giving is a great way to save on taxes--even under the new Trump administration tax laws. Here are 3 great examples.

  • Nov 7 2018
    keys on a wooden table with a house keychain
    Should You Pay off Your Mortgage? A Difficult Decision.

    It's usually best to pay off your mortgage before retirement. That said, we don't live in a perfect world. Read our thoughts on the best course of action!

  • Nov 5 2018
    little white cottage estate with green grass and fence
    Update on Your Real Estate: Portland Is Cooling Off (Part Five)

    After 8 strong years of relentless price gains, the real estate party is cooling off in metro Portland/Clark County. Here are 2 data points.

  • Nov 1 2018
    older couple enjoying retirement and a glass of white wine
    Retirement Planning Strategies: 7 Year-End Mistakes to Avoid

    Some of the biggest oversight’s advisors make involve IRAs and retirement planning. Protect your clients and add these seven strategies to your checklist.

  • Oct 30 2018
    3 Things We Are Doing to Defend Against Hackers

    Since we became an RIA firm in 2017, we have invested significant resources to defend our clients against hackers and cybercrime attacks. Here are 3 examples!

  • Oct 23 2018
    hand resting on top of a chain link fence
    3 Things to Do If You Are a Victim of Cybercrime

    Hacking and cybercrime are serious issues that affect many people. Here are 3 things to do if you are a victim of a cyber attack.

  • Oct 19 2018
    October Volatility Update
    October Volatility Update: Near-Term Caution, But Looking for Opportunity

    We are watching the market and adjusting our strategies to become more defensive. Here are 3 reasons why we are not completely bearish.

  • Oct 18 2018
    debt still rising
    Investments 101: Emerging Markets: Debt Still Rising

    Emerging markets had a banner year in 2017, but the last six months has been less kind. Can superior economic growth overcome their rising debt?

  • Oct 16 2018
    one USD -- inflation
    Investments 101: Inflation and Bonds: Toast of the Town or Simply Toast?

    Bonds have treated investors very well for the last two decades. But is that about to change? Here are our thoughts on how inflation affects bonds.