Business Consulting

  • Corporate Retirement Services

    No company is ever too small to help its employees save for retirement.

    We have worked with businesses and their employees to design corporate retirement plans that are effective and cost-efficient.  Navigating through compliance with federal and state laws is another important consideration.

    If you have a plan with even $1 million (or more), we are here to help.

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  • Employee Compensation/Executive Benefits

    Keeping your key employees happy includes caring for their compensation needs.  In a job market that is constantly changing, business owners need to have an array of vehicles to care for employees.

    High performing executives and professionals face a dilemma of earning more money and paying more to the tax man if their company mismanages the process.

    We can help!  Different programs such as deferred compensation, stock options, and deferred benefit plans can help business owners to reward top performers.

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  • Business Succession Planning

    A lack of planning can jeopardize the future of your business. Business owners eventually retire.  Have you identified your successor?  Is your successor ready not just to manage the business, but also to compensate you for taking over the reins?  Disability or sudden death can leave your company paralyzed.

    We have worked with business owners in similar situations.  We would love to help you.

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  • Business Investments

    Some business investments come in the form of liquid or privately held stock, options, or form of deferred compensations for employees of larger corporations.  We have a number of potential solutions for you to consider.

    Other business investments are in proprietorships and small to mid-sized businesses.  Ownership stakes are large but illiquid.  We also have worked with business owners in devising sophisticated plans to manage their nest eggs prudently.

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  • Asset-Based Lending

    Certain families own a large portion of investments that they would like to keep invested.  However, they might be seeking ways to fund a large purchase or outside investment without touching their investments. What can they do?

    In partnership with our custodian, we might have a solution for such families.  The banking side of our custodian offers a lending program that accepts liquid investments as collateral for a loan.

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