Debbie Owens

Client Services / Operations

A true asset to our team, Debbie Owens primarily works behind the scenes keeping our data organized and relevant. While she is up to any task the firm requires, she especially enjoys interacting with clients and colleagues. In person or on the phone, she delights in being able to put a smile on someone’s face.

Debbie was born and raised in Vancouver and thrives in the Pacific Northwest. Her love of lists and systems makes her a very organized and patient worker. The combination of Debbie’s detail-oriented nature and kind demeanor certainly adds to the harmony within Ambassador Wealth Management.

The joys of Debbie’s life are her two daughters and her beautiful grandchildren. If you ask her to see photos, she’s likely to show you a few (dozen). Most of her free time is spent taking part in as many church activities as she can. She loves her daily morning brisk walks and occasionally fits baking and catching up with friends into her routine.