Family Concierge

  • Real Estate Investments

    The largest investment for many Americans is their home.  Some own vacation homes and rental properties.  Some even own commercial property.  Real estate investments never come without tax issues.

    We have advised clients on a host of issues regarding real estate, including investment, tax, and life ramifications.

    Might you own too much real estate in an overheated market? We will share our economic thoughts on the state of the housing market both locally and nationally.  You will also get an idea of how we think about real estate as an investment.

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  • Marriage/Divorce Consultation

    Marriage can be a beautiful thing.  Unfortunately, in America, one out of two marriages end in divorce. We have assisted clients in pre-marital planning and counseling couples going through divorce to find the best possible way to split their assets.

    We recognize this could be a very sensitive time for you.  However, we also are here to help you based on our experience with people who have gone through, survived, and even thrived in trying situations.

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  • Parent/Elder Issues

    Will you join the “sandwich generation”?  Will you be taking care of aging parents, even as you are about to enter, or already are in, your retirement?

    Perhaps you are the elder yourself who needs care?

    Helping clients to navigate life with purpose is more than just devising and executing a financial plan.  It might also involve many relational, non-financial aspects.

    In the case of elder care, we have found it to be a sensitive issue that needs informed decision making.

    If you are caring for your parents, we might have some recommendations for appropriate sources of legal and health care advice. We have a strong network of professionals who specialize in this area and can assist us in helping you make informed decisions.

    If you are the recipient of care, we also strive to watch after your interests as your relatives ought to be doing the same.  We do not automatically take it for granted.

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  • College Forecasting

    College education for your children or grandchildren can be very expensive.  Investing for future educational expenses might be one way to help the burden.  Depending on whether your state has income tax, you might also benefit from certain investment plans that are free from local income tax.

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  • Educational Consulting

    Do you need help with college?  Not just funding college, but finding the right college for your child or grandchild?

    We have an intimate knowledge of the intricacies of the college selection and admissions process from soup to nuts.  Our president, Petr Burunov, currently serves on the Clark College Foundation Board and previously served on a the board for a private institution.  We also have connections to various counselors within schools in our local area and beyond.

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  • Asset Preservation (Medicaid)

    Families with limited resources might have substantial health care expenses. An assets preservation trust might help to provide for these expenses, yet also leave some legacy for their children.  If not handled properly, that might mean no inheritance for your children or grandchildren.

    Based on our experience with other clients, we might have some solutions to help you navigate this challenging situation in life.

    We can help you craft a plan that satisfies both objectives.

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  • Special Needs Planning

    Special needs planning is a complex issue and requires attention to details of deferral and state laws. How can you provide for a child or grandchild incapable of managing the legacy you wish to give them?

    Our goal is to assist you in understanding how your money could benefit or create a lifestyle for someone who is unable to take care of themselves whether you are here or not.

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  • End of Life Projections

    Prudent people tackle uncomfortable questions.

    “Will I have enough money to live on if I live longer than I expect?”

    While we cannot foresee the future in exact detail, we can help you to consider the most likely scenarios.

    As we gain a better understanding of you and your financial health, we can use sophisticated computer modeling to analyze different scenarios.  One of the most critical variables to consider is how long you might live and whether your money will still suffice for your expenses. For example, assisted living in a major factor that can impact your lifestyle.

    The reality is that many people run the risk of outliving their money.  What can we do to increase the likelihood of a more successful outcome?

    We look at much more than simply taking what you share with us and sticking it into a computer.  We also look at which decisions are most critical for improving your financial health in the future.  Decisions might include when you retire, when you draw on Social Security, are your assets optimally invested to support your lifestyle, budgeting, risks to higher spending than you expect, you and your family’s health, and discretionary gifts and spending items.

    Our purpose is to offer you a range of recommendations and possible strategies from which you choose how to run your life with purpose – and the power of being well informed.

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