Stuart Quint, CFA®

Investments / Compliance

Stuart Quint serves clients by assessing their needs and subsequently creating optimal portfolios. Not only does he help by looking for the best opportunities for returns, he also attempts to anticipate and avoid risk. Stuart seeks to benefit our clients from lessons learned in having managed global portfolios worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Additionally, he has extensive expertise in evaluating income-producing investments.

Stuart brings to Ambassador Wealth Management over 25 years researching and managing investments across multiple asset classes with a global perspective. His previous role as International Strategist and Senior Investment Manager for Brinker Capital entailed running portfolios comprised of equities, fixed income, and alternatives. He also managed assets in global developed and emerging markets at Aberdeen Asset Management and Montgomery Asset Management. This combined experience enables him to distill meaningful information from the noise of markets and translate what is useful to clients.

Major media outlets such as, Bloomberg, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and CNBC have quoted Stuart within their publications. He graduated cum laude with degrees in Economics and Russian Civilization from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, he has studied and worked in Russia and Latin America, speaking a total of 6 languages.

A husband and father of 4 children, Stuart finds time to volunteer at his local church teaching youth. He has also translated 3 books, including the autobiography of his wife’s uncle (refugees ussr).