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Client Newsletter 2Q18

Letter from the President:
Empowering You to Live with Purpose
Petr Burunov
President/Financial Planner


Dear Ambassador Family,

We are keeping our eye on the ball.

In the midst of the enhancements we are striving to implement at Ambassador Wealth Management, I have gained a renewed appreciation of helping you with strategic and holistic thinking.  I am convinced that your “Family Barometer” ought to play a role in helping you live your life with purpose.

Others who do not incorporate their “Family Barometer” into their lives hinder the success of achieving their goals.

Here are two of the biggest pitfalls I have seen others make:

(1) not having any plan for the future

(2) letting emotions rather than logic and vision drive their finances and their lives

Regarding (1), our response is “Hope is not a strategy!”  We appreciate that clients like you recognize the value of thinking strategically and proactively.  We think about you beyond your investments and we consider your overall financial health and how it can serve your life goals.

Regarding (2), the temptation is to get excited and take more risk when markets are toppy – and to despair when markets are choppy.  Instead, by taking a strategic perspective, you potentially can lessen the possibility of making poor decisions based on emotions and market fluctuations.

Your Family Barometer is a key component in helping you to avoid the pitfalls others might suffer.

I am currently working on a future letter to better explain this concept in more detail.

In the meantime, here is a brief update on new changes we have already made to deepen our relationship with you.

New Staff

Most of you have already met Deanna Koehler, one of our new additions. Deanna started last November and has transitioned into a more solidified position. Her new role focuses on client services and operations.

Earlier in February, Andrea Beneke resigned from Ambassador to accept a position in a different industry with Papa Murphy’s.

Another addition is Emylina Burunov. Emylina first interned during her time at George Fox University and continued to work on various projects during the last four years. She now works full time as our marketing director.  Her role includes improving the functions on our website, content development, and strengthen client communications.

Client Portal

In early January, we launched your individualized Client Portal in an effort to deepen our relationship with you.  We encourage you to sign up and start linking all your assets and financial accounts. The better understanding we can have of your total financial picture (current and future), the more comprehensive our advice will be for you and your family.  It is important for us to see the whole picture when discussing your financial plans and situations.

This portal serves two main functions:

1) We can communicate seamlessly with you. To name a few, our team can upload various performance reports, give updates on our client’s RMDs (Required Minimum Distribution for those 70.5 or older), and provide you with advisor fee statements.  It also gives you the opportunity to share information with us in an environment more convenient and secure than Email or snail mail.

2) We can strategically build comprehensive plans for your household’s finances. For those clients who want to maximize and utilize these planning services, we encourage you to link all assets and accounts to the portal. When you have questions and come for a meeting, we can analyze tax strategies, estate planning strategies, and charitable giving strategies, to name a few.

Guide to Reading Your Quarterly Family Barometer Report

This guide will give a quick overview of your new personal reports: performance reports, RMDs (Required Minimum Distribution) for clients over 70.5 years, and billing invoice for our advisory fees. Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding this guide or your quarterly report.

I am excited to take full advantage of these new tools to maximize your financial plans and discover your family’s financial barometer.




Petr Burunov
President / Financial Planner

Building relationships to help you navigate life with purpose.

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