Do We Stay or Do We Go?

Summer weather might bring some relief from the COVID-19 pandemic, but life as we knew it just won’t be the same.

Businesses have closed, people have lost jobs, and others are required to take unpaid time off.

How on earth can you afford a fun summer for the family? Here are our best staycation ideas:


  1. Pitch a tent.

Not everyone can make it to a national park, but don’t let that stop you from camping! Pitch a tent in your backyard and use a portable grill or fire pit to cook up some hot dogs and s’ mores. Don’t forget your favorite singalongs and/or ghost stories!

If you don’t have camping equipment, someone you know is sure to let you borrow what you need.


  1. Be a local tourist.

Vacation and hometown don’t usually end up in the same sentence. But, have you ever considered exploring your hometown like a tourist?

Book a night or two in a local hotel and pretend you’re visiting from out of town. Maybe your town has a local museum or festival. Take a guided city tour and learn something new about your town. You could also see a matinee movie or try the local cuisine you’ve been eyeing.


  1. Take a day trip.

In the Pacific Northwest, most scenic destinations are within a few minutes or hours. Pack a picnic and visit your beach, the mountains, or even a small town you’ve never been to before.


  1. DIY your favorite excursion

Who says you have to pay a professional to enjoy your favorite activities?

Set up a DIY spa day or get the whole family together to make your favorite five-star dinner. Be creative or looks up new ideas on the internet.


  1. Volunteer.

Why not use some of your downtime to make a difference in your community?

There are countless local volunteer opportunities. From tidying up a local park, preparing and/or serving meals at a shelter, to working on a house with Habitat for Humanity, among others.

What might seem like work at first could be the most gratifying thing to do during your staycation.


With a little creativity, you can fill your summer with fun, local activities the whole family will love. Don’t let finances get in the way of making memories with your loved ones.

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