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5 Tips that Can Make You a Master Traveler

We all travel. Some of us travel a lot, and some of us only a little. For others, traveling is part of your job description. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau reported that in 2017, the U.S. carried around 965 million (domestic and international) passengers. That’s a lot of jobs and even more people flying. Their wealth of knowledge is something to cling to.

Here are five simple tips that are sure to make you the master traveler you’ve always wanted to be.

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  1. Take the Window Seat… In Coach.

    While the aisle has more access to the bathroom, you’ll get bumped by the drink cart and other people walking by. Not to mention you’re in the way of your fellow seatmates when they need a turn in the loo.

    First class might be your traveling goal, but save some money and take a seat at the back of the plane. It’s really not that bad. Wear comfy clothes and use your neck pillow backwards. By creating stability for your neck, turbulence won’t even wake you.

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  2. Keep Up Daily Routines. 

    The easiest way to adjust to any new setting is to keep as much of your daily routine as possible. For all the fitness fanatics, look for hotels with 24-hour access to a gym.

    Keep up your eating habits. One of these biggest weaknesses travelers face is fast food. Pay a little extra and lose some convenience for a wholesome meal. It’s worth it every time.

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  3. Leave Your Book at Home. 

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy a good read on your trip. But, if you’ve got a Kindle or a tablet, you can free up some valuable space and weight by leaving the paper at home.

    Electronic options are slim, lightweight, and give you access to more reading materials than anyone could hope for on their vacation.

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  4. Let Your Credit Card Deal Hunt for You. 

    If you’re going to pay for travel, you might as well benefit from it. There are countless options for credit cards that earn travel rewards. You can save on air tickets, hotels, and even entertainment.

    It’s not hard to pick a good card with travel benefits.

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  5. Don’t Buy Travel-Size Anything.

    Manufacturing companies are smart. They know travelers will pay more for a convenient, travel-size product. Save a few bucks (or hundreds) by refilling those little tubes with your own shampoo and mouthwash.

    If you’re staying in a hotel, don’t forget that most properties provide the basics: shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion. You can also ask your receptionist for things like deodorant, toothpaste, shaving products, and even sewing kits. Don’t pack the free stuff you can get at your hotel.


Think smart when planning your next vacation. Whatever your reason for traveling might be, you can apply these simple tips to tackle it like a pro.

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