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Client Newsletter 3Q19

Client Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2019

Getting Ready for the Summer


Letter from the President: Petr Burunov, Financial Planner

Dear Ambassador Family,

This summer, I hope you are able to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors with your loved ones.

I’d like to share some exciting things to come in the months ahead and review this last quarter.


Coming Attraction 1: Short and Insightful Videos 

As you have probably seen in recent emails, we have started to post videos on various topics to our website. Over the last several months, a number of our clients lost spouses or parents. I thought it would be appropriate to share how having a plan can greatly relieve stress during such a difficult time. Other video topics include:

  1. The effects of owning too much real estate
  2. Americans dealing with bankruptcy in retirement
  3. Why many business owners struggle after retiring
  4. Dealing with the loss of a loved one

If you haven’t watched these already, I strongly encourage you to do so.


Coming Attraction 2: Preparing You for a Prosperous Lifestyle in Retirement (It’s Not Just about Money)

We are excited to share materials centered around lifestyle before and during retirement.  Retirement can either be a time of great success or utter boredom.  (Success is more than just  money!)

We will share stories of people like you who are thriving, and more importantly, what they are doing to be successful.  You’ll see content like:

  • Helpful ways to mentally prepare for retirement
  • Productive things to do in retirement vs. things that might not be as helpful
  • How you can live a meaningful life in retirement


Observations from Tax Season 2019

This past tax season was the first time our clients really noticed the effects of the new tax law.  Most people were surprised and/or confused to see the impact the new laws had on their returns (both good and bad).  Some wage earners had lower tax withholdings, others saw decent tax rebates, and some ended up paying more in taxes because of fewer deduction options.

We are working proactively to stay on top of the new changes and understand their implications so we can help you maximize your planning strategies.


Continuing Education

The changes in the tax codes were significant and numerous enough that we decided it was important to spend time learning how these changes affect personal, business, estate, and retirement planning going forward.

Our team attended two educational conferences this year that focused on growing our knowledge in tax changes and technology.


We Stay Up at Night So You Don’t Have to

As we are reviewing your account(s) and plan(s), we are vigilant for things that might affect you. Lately, we’ve been monitoring:

  • Impact of tariffs on trade with China (and elsewhere)
  • New changes in tax laws (federal/state/local)
  • Mitigating investment exposure to economic or regulatory risks
  • Proactively contacting clients who are being impacted, and educating them on what options are available and how to benefit from them

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Petr Burunov
President/Financial Planner

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