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  • Aug 6 2018
    calculator, stack of US bills and a balance book referencing income
    Views on Fixed Income: Simple History in Pictures (Part One)

    Bond yeilds have fallen across the board over the last 10 years (and beyond). Did they fall too far too fast? Read our thoughts.

  • Jul 27 2018
    line up of many countries flags against a beautiful blue building
    Markets Historically Ignore Geopolitics, But Fear Economic Risks

    Wondering if you should be concerned when geopolitical headlines from overseas resurface? Take our advice, don't overreact.

  • Jul 23 2018
    Your Home: Do You Own Too Much of a Good Thing? (Part Four)

    Metro Portland/Clark County real estate is in a boom, but the bubble could pop someday. Learn why too much home can put your financial health at risk.

  • Jul 18 2018
    row of older houses in portland, oregon
    Your House: Is a Bubble about to Pop in Metro Portland/Clark County? (Part Three)

    Several factors have aided the housing bubble recovery both in Portland and the US at large. While today they are helpful, some risk still exists.

  • Jul 17 2018
    forest with trees
    One Way a Competent Financial Advisor Can Bring You Value

    What is the value in paying for a competent financial advisor? Learn about what a national research firm learned about the dangers of going alone.

  • Jul 16 2018
    Stop Emotion from Shortchanging Your Investments

    Leaving your emotion at the door when it comes to your money takes courage. Let us warn you of the consequences of investing with emotion and no discipline.

  • Jul 12 2018
    Row of mailboxes, missing several numbers. Low supply of homes
    Your House: Low Supply Has Inflated Prices in Portland/Clark County (Part Two)

    Low home supply in metro Portland/Clark County has inflated property values. Find out the causes of the housing boom. Can good times last forever?

  • Jul 11 2018
    Rows of houses, someone's nest egg
    Your House: Are Homes in Metro Portland/Clark County a Bubble Waiting to Pop? (Part One)

    Housing in metro Portland/Clark County WA hit a new historical high. Shall we rejoice or cringe? Learn what might support or pop the housing bubble.

  • Jul 9 2018
    market update, shows stats on computer screen
    Investment Newsletter 3Q18

    We have been looking for ways to reduce risk and expense. Read about the 5 major changes that impacted your portfolios this last quarter.